On this page, we sell flock name stickers.

flocky name sticker can be used for entry and admission preparation

It can also be used for personal identification when using laundry service at various facilities.

In addition, we sell flock name sticker which you can use for various purposes, such as a small name for work clothes etc.



  • As long as it can be ironed, you can name it three-dimensionally to various fabrics
  • It can respond to the elongation of the base to some extent
  • It can also be applied to deep color fabrics



Quality, Benefits

  • We will consistently work from production to sales, so we are safe about materials and quality.
  • If it is an assorted seat, it achieves the lowest price in Japan with 7usd in 39 pieces. (According to our company)
  • The creation of sheets that tend to take days is also shipped within 7 business days (excluding weekends and holidays). (It is the speed of fighting between 1 and 2)
  • You can order as many sheets as you need from one sheet
  • You can choose from abundant colors




It is good to put weight on it tightly

Please keep the temperature of the iron around 150 degrees and hold it down firmly and evenly.

Depending on the ironing temperature and the material to be transferred, please note that ironing may be burned if the ironing time is too long.

During the ironing, the transfer paper is getting hot.
Do not touch the sheet as it may cause burns.

Over time it will be easier to transfer cleanly cooled one


Things you would like to know

It can not be used for heat sensitive materials.
Transfer melts the ink with the heat of the iron.
Therefore, it can not be used for heat sensitive materials.
It can not transfer to nylon, polyester, vinyl, rubber, etc.

Once installed flocky name name will not peel off.
flocky Name Transcription name is not made assuming to peel off.
Please use after understanding.

It can not be used for cloth with irregularities
flocky Name Transcription is done using heat and pressure.
In the case of cloth with irregularities, it may not be able to install cleanly.
Please also attach wrinkles etc.

It is not a permanent transfer seal.
Notes on transferring your name Ironing on the transferred part is impossible.
Please avoid dry cleaning, drying with a heat drum, washing with hot water, using bleach.
Although it has passed the general household washing robustness test, there is a risk of discoloration due to repeated washing, friction, bleaching ingredients, thermal drum, etc. influence.


waiting for your order


The name sheet is 7 US Dollars per sheet.
“Name” contained in one sheet is 21 letters 5-6 mm square name and 18 pieces of 1 character 7 – 8 mm square name, total of 39 names entered into one sheet It is.
We will use postal service for overseas shipment.
Please use PayPal for payment.